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Our Services

Regular service for your laser and IPL equipment has financial benefits for your practice, with a machine kept in good condition less likely to run into major problems and significant downtime. Also, bear in mind that maintaining adequate service records is vital in the current compensation culture. By scheduling regular service for your machinery you are safeguarding your practice both legally and financially.

Service Contracts

Our service contracts can be fully tailored to your clinics requirements. A typical service contract provided by Medilase includes:

Preventative maintenance includes full inspection, cleaning and alignment of all internal and external optical systems, inspection of flashlamp condition and filters, coolant replenishment and filter replacement and inspection of safety mechanisms (e-stops etc.).

The number of preventative visits and call-outs can be increased or decreased to a level appropriate for your practice, taking account of client throughput and the specific application of your machines. Call Ian now on 07711 372 518.

IPL intense pulse light treatment

IPL Head Refurbishment

We refurbish all types of IPL heads and can supply flashlamps, filters and couplers at economic prices. We can usually repair any physical damage to the treatment head casing / hosing as we carry a large stock of spare parts for most major IPL manufacturers.

Call Ian now on 07711 372 518.

laser and IPL intense pulse light optics, parts and repairs

Laser & IPL Optics, Parts & Consumables

Medilase specialises in sourcing replacement parts at a fraction of OEM prices. We can supply a wide range of flashlamps, windows, mirrors, filters and optical fibres for your laser or IPL regardless of make and model.

Call Ian now on 07711 372 518.

laser and IPL intense pulse light eyewear and safety equipment

Laser Eyewear & Safety Equipment

We supply all types of laser eyewear and install laser safety equipment including signage, door interlocks etc.

Call Ian now on 07711 372 518.